Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Testing Google APIs

I blogged a little while ago about the problems with Google documentation. I've now completed my code that uses these APIs and I'm writing stress tests for the system. Except there's one problem: The server can generate all sorts of errors that aren't under your control, and there's no way to test these error conditions.

These errors are different than communication errors. It's easy to simulate a "link down" problem or similar TCP/IP failure. The problem is that the Google Data API servers can fail in strange and bizarre ways.

One example is the simple "Server Busy" command. The documentation says to "wait and retry." Unfortunately, there's no way to force this scenario, so there's no way to test this error.

Another example is error 403 "Operation could not be completed". What do you do with that? Even worse, if you are performing batch operations, you could have partial failure. Again, there's no way to test this scenario.

Please vote for my bug report asking Google to fix this problem:


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