Wednesday, June 20, 2007

ReadyBoost Damages USB Thumb Drives

Windows Vista ReadyBoost destroyed a second thumb drive yesterday. For the past three months I've just been leaving my computer on at night instead of trying to make ReadyBoost work with Sleep/Standby. Yesterday I was trying something new and I put the system in Sleep mode. I woke it up two hours later and the thumb drive had stopped working. I unplugged the thumb drive and replugged it and I got a "write protect" error. I tried the thumb drive on another computer and got the same result.

I downloaded the Format utility from the Apacer web site. I successfully reformatted the drive, enabled ReadyBoost, and was working again. For a few minutes. Then the light on the thumb drive turned on steady and the drive completely died. I tried it on three different computers and three different versions of Windows.

This is the second thumb drive that's failed when using ReadyBoost and resuming from Sleep. I've heard reports from readers of this blog that they have had a similar problem. How about you? Leave a comment.

Note that I don't believe that this has anything to do with the number of write cycles, as some journalists have complained about. In both cases the drive died immediately after resuming from Sleep.


  1. i actually have the same thumb drive and my second one jsut crapped out too, im starting to think its the actual thumb drive itself, this one exibited the fault as the first one, permanent transfer light on. someone needs a better QA department. -_-

  2. Yeah. ReadyBoost ate my 8 gig SanDisk thumb drive as well. It's been awhile, so I forget the exact error messages. Basically, it said "There are problems on this drive, do you want me to fix them?" When I said yes, it proceeded to format the thumb drive. Was able to recover some of the lost data with a recovery program but it's mostly junk.