Monday, December 18, 2006

Parallel Builds

One of the features in Visual Studio 2005 that I was most looking forward to was the ability to do parallel builds such that both cores in the Dual Core processor are used. So far this has been a complete bust.

Problem #1: Visual Studio wants to build based on Configurations instead of Projects. This means that you can't build a Release version of a project at the same time you build a Debug version.
Problem #2: Visual Studio will only build one Configuration at a time. This means that you can't create a build of one product while another product is in progress.
Problem #3: The meaning of Problem #1 and Problem #2 is that Visual Studio is optimized to build solutions that are based on many projects. This is typical for a C# application, but somewhat atypical for a C++ application. Our build hierarchy is wide and shallow, which means that Visual Studio's parallel build mechanism is almost useless.

I also tried to create a fake configuration that included all projects. This solution didn't work either because many library dependencies are generated based on the configuration, and this information is lost with an all-at-once Configuration.

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